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Exercising with friends or groups are a must!

When I have friends scheduled to meet me for a workout, it’s much harder not to go (and so rewarding when I do).







Set measurable goals – The more specific your goals are the easier it is to see your hard work pay off…which encourages you to stay on track.  Vague statements like “I want to get in shape” make it too easy to lose focus.
Put your goals where you can see them – I like to print out my race goals & post them on my work computer.  That way I see them every day & can use them as motivation.
If it were easy, everyone would do it – Remember that the goal you’ve set is supposed to be a bit difficult for you.  If it wasn’t challenging, you won’t be changed…for the better!






My #1 tip is to schedule your exercise.  I know exactly what time I plan on doing my workout & if someone asks to schedule something during that time, I simply say I have a prior commitment!







Coaches & friends help so much!  Coaches hold you accountable…and because you’re paying a coach, you’re more likely to stay on track.  Friends are great for sharing the highs & the lows – I try to get at least one workout per week with a friend (or two or three) to help keep me motivated & focused.








Accountability – I hold myself accountable by remembering that, even though I have the best coach in the world, I’m the one that has to do the work.
Commitment – I have a “before” picture of myself that reminds me how far I’ve come & to never give up.
Family – I really want to be around to enjoy life & my future grandkids!
Events – Signing up for races gives me a concrete goal to shoot for.  Plus I don’t want to waste the entry fee!






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