Individual Options

Coaching Packages

The Coaching Packages are perfect for athletes who perform best with a highly personalized training plan as well as a close connection with their coach. With these plans, the athlete and coach continuously work together to create the best plan possible. All plans are individualized to the athlete’s entire race schedule, their performance strengths/limiters, and performance testing in each sport. Unlimited changes, modifications, and adjustments can be made as these plans are considered a “work in progress”. The athlete receives weekly workout schedules via Dropbox.

Base Plan

Athletes receive:

  • Season Overview
  • Detailed Workouts for every day of the week
  • Performance Testing to determine training ranges
  • Unlimited Follow-Up on questions, problems, restructuring needs, etc.
  • One (1) In-Person Meeting per month to be used for any purpose (private workout, group workout, planning, testing, etc.)

Performance Plan

Athletes receive:

  • Same as Base Plan
  • Two (2) In-Person Meetings per month

High Performance Plan

Athletes receive:

  • Same as Base & Performance Plans
  • Four (4) In-Person Meetings per month

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Online Training

Online Plans enhance your training experience with scientifically based structure and proven principles. We offer a wide variety of options to fit all your training needs.

Prebuilt Plans

Prebuilt Plans provide athletes the structure needed to successfully train for a race. These plans are based on race type and race distance. Two training options (Base and Peak) are available, but no additional personalization is offered. Base and Peak plans may be used separately or together. The focus of Base Plans are to develop the fitness and endurance needed to race at the desired distance. By contrast, Peak Plans assume that the athlete has already developed fitness for the race distance and instead focus on building speed and power for that race distance. The athlete receives the entire prebuilt plan at one time via Dropbox.

Available training plans are:

Running: Half Marathon Base — 12 wks Peak — 16 wks
Marathon Base — 21 wks Peak — 16 wks
Triathlon: Sprint Base — 9 wks Peak — 9 wks
Olympic Base — 12 wks Peak — 9 wks
Xterra Base — 16 wks Peak — 9 wks
Half Coming Soon
Full Coming Soon  


Custom Plans

Custom Plans are perfect for the athlete who would like their training plan tailored to their race schedule as well as performance strengths/limiters. The athlete receives weekly workout schedules grouped into cycles (either 3 or 4 weeks at one time) via Dropbox.

Base Plan

Athletes receive:

  • Season Overview detailing number of hours to train per week along with intensity recommendations
  • Key Workout of each week (1 workout for single sports, 3 workouts for triathletes) written out in detail

Performance Plan

Athletes receive:

  • Season Overview
  • Detailed Workouts for every day of the week

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Performance-Enhancing Services

Massage Therapy

Though often overlooked, massage is one of the best forms of recovery. In addition to providing a welcome relaxation after tough workouts or races, massage speeds the healing process by increasing circulation. This improved blood flow aids recovery by replacing metabolic wastes in stressed muscle tissue with therapeutic oxygen and much-needed nutrients. Let Massage Therapist Suzie Lindberg of Well Beings Massage help you find relaxation, recovery, and enhanced well-being. For more information, contact Suzie at

Nutrition Packages

Although research clearly shows that a properly balanced nutritional program will significantly boost athletic performance, many athletes still place food well below physical training on the scale of importance. Kris Hilvers, MS, RD, LD, CNSD will help you achieve your best performance ever!

  • Basic Service Nutritional consultation and meal plan
  • Premiere Service Nutritional consultation, meal plan, and 4 weeks of diet review
  • Follow-up Service 4 weeks of diet review

For more information, contact Kris at

Sport Psychology and Individual Counseling

Are you as mentally prepared for your next event as you can be? Have you been regularly practicing such performance-enhancing techniques as relaxation, visualization, and goal-setting? If not, you are not alone! Despite the common usage of mental preparation techniques with professional and Olympic athletes, many amateur athletes still remain unfamiliar with the benefits of including mental training in their workouts.

Dr. Greg Mondin, Ph.D. would like to change this. If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, he is ready to help you!

For more information, contact Dr. Mondin at

Physical Therapy, Injury Treatment, and Performance-Enhancement Services

Endurance athletes know that aches and pains come with the training territory. Smart endurance athletes, however, get those aches and pains treated so that they don’t turn into full-blown injuries! Having a good physical therapist on your side is essential to staying healthy and maintaining a consistent training program.

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy (Parkcenter and Nampa locations) offers a wide range of modalities that can keep your training moving forward. Matt Booth at Parkcenter and Derek Stiegemeier at Nampa are both triathletes so they fully understand the needs and mentality of endurance athletes. Therapeutic services offered include Augmented Soft-Tissue Mobilization (ASTYM).

In addition to therapy, Therapeutic Associates offers performance-enhancement services which will you do your sport easier, faster, and more efficiently. These services include: Pilates/Core Stabilization classes, CycleFit (customized bike fitting), and Cycling Spin technique training.

If you’re a Performance High client you receive:

  • 10% off performance enhancement services
  • Free injury screenings – this includes a brief assessment along with options for self-treatment, physical therapy, and/or referral to other healthcare providers as needed

For more information, contact Matt at or Derek at

Blood Lactate Testing and Cycling Training

When it comes to individualizing training programs, blood lactate tests provide critical information. For newer athletes, lactate is simply that nasty little substance that makes the muscles burn at higher intensities. For more serious athletes, however, lactate becomes the “holy grail” of training guides. It defines how well the aerobic system has developed, it distinctly shows how much fatigue or stress the athlete is experiencing, and it tells when to implement higher intensity training. In other words, a blood lactate test takes the guesswork out of designing a training program!

Douglas Tobin at Endurance Training and Fitness Center is the go-to guy for blood lactate testing. If you’re a Performance High client, he is offering special pricing on testing (for bike and run):

  • 1 Test (bike or run) $90.00 (regularly $100)
  • Package of 3 Tests $240.00
  • Package of 6 Tests $435.00

Additionally, Douglas has a whole fleet of Computrainers that you can hook your bike to. Once hooked up you can ride various race courses around the world, you can work on your spinning efficiency, or you can plug in your workout specifics (heart rate ranges, wattage ranges, etc.) so you don’t have to miss your workout just because of the nasty weather!

For more information, contact Douglas at


Personal Consultation

Enlist the help of a coach to achieve your specific performance goals. These face-to-face meetings can be used in a number of ways:

Program Design

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your training program with suggestions and ideas from our coaching staff. If you don’t have a training plan in place yet, we can help you create one!

Technical Improvement

Improve your weight lifting form, master your swim stroke, learn the details of run mechanics, or fine-tune your tri transitions.

Performance Testing

The best way to improve your performance is to know your current abilities. We can take you through simple tests to determine your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate for swim, bike, or run, Pace Times for swim or run, or Wattage output on the bike.