Meet Performance High Swim Athlete – Stephanie Sibal

Stephanie Sibal – PH Swim Athlete

What got you started in your swim journey?

My swim journey first started with a planned vacation involving lots of water activities.  Now, based on my experience with training, I can swim to keep my exercise from being routine-something I now enjoy and it’s a great workout.  This is part of my goal to make lasting lifestyle changes with a consistent exercise routine.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

My biggest challenge to overcome when I started swim training was my anxiety being in the water.   Coach Michelle has been great working with me through those “moments of panic” and I can say that I truly enjoy being in the water now.

What has been the greatest benefit of having a coach to help you w/ this process/goal?

I like knowing that when I swim I am using my body efficiently to move through the water (although it’s not totally smooth yet, it’s getting there!).  But my greatest benefit has been having someone help me work through my fear and anxiety with patience and understanding.  And my kick…don’t underestimate the kick!

What’s your favorite motivational technique?

When I swim or at my workouts in the gym, I repeat to myself “You got this..Come on!” that and Coach Michelle on the side reminding me to “Be Aggressive!”  I love that!

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