Meet Performance High Athlete – Renee Bobrowski

How’d you get started in triathlon?

I have been involved in some sort of athletic endeavor since I was a kid, and running and cycling were always in the mix. Fast forward to my mid-40s. My husband started doing triathlons after we moved to Boise. Swimming was his background. It was not mine. So duathlon it was for me, but it seemed he and another friend of ours were having a whole lot of fun with triathlon. I decided I wanted to Tri-it. It was a new challenge and I got hooked after my first race, the YMCA Spring Sprint.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome w/ your new sport?

When I decided to get into triathlon, I couldn’t swim a lap in the pool. Terrified of open water. Panic attack city. Got me a coach (my husband suggested that he was not a good candidate for the position) and I learned to swim at the age of 47. Within a year my coach convinced me that I actually wouldn’t drown in Quinn’s pond. And he was right!

What has been the greatest benefit of having a coach?

I have intermittently had swim coaches since this has been my weakest sport. I have been working with Michelle since April 2016 on a regular basis, and what a difference! The immediate feedback is key for me, as it has been a steep learning curve. It is easy for me to put off going to the pool to practice, so having a coach makes me accountable and motivates me to get to the pool. Michelle has been an awesome coach – she is a great teacher of technique, is encouraging but honest when my attempt at proper technique is really bad and has a sense of humor about it all.

What has been your biggest “A-HA” moment in training…a critical point where you finally “got it”?

I can’t say that I’ve had one big moment in training, although I have had my smaller moments like finally figuring out what it really means to engage my core in the pool. My big “A-HA’ was last summer when I had my best 70.3 in Coeur d’Alene. It felt great to have everything come together on race day – training, nutrition, taper and mental focus. It was just a fun day!

Thank you Renee!

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