Why Hire A Coach?

It’s the start of a New Year and you’ve set a goal.  Congrats!

You’ve completed the first step – identifying a desire that you’ll put your priority, time, money and energy into achieving.  The next step, however, is VERY important and defines just exactly how you’ll get there.  It defines the steps you’ll take to successfully keep moving toward that end result.    

Have you considered hiring a coach as one of those steps?  If you haven’t thought about using a coach, you may be wondering why even bother.  Well, I’ll tell you…even I use coaches.  I have a weight training coach, a swim technique coach and a business coach!

So, Why Hire a Coach?

Here are a few reasons why I believe coaches are invaluable to success.

Coaches don’t think like me

When we set goals we are essentially saying that we WANT to step out of our comfort zones.  To achieve those goals we will be required to act and think differently than we’re used to.  On your own, this change can be VERY hard.  Getting help from someone with different ideas and worldviews is often critical to success.  

Coaches think bigger than me

Once we’ve set our goal we turn our focus to the nitty-gritty of how to make it happen.  We start resolutely managing the day-to-day tasks that we’ve identified as “essential” to reaching our goal.  While this focusing is necessary, it can cause us to forget the bigger picture.  When we tunnel-vision on details, we often miss when we need to change direction.  It is important to remember that the farther out your goal is, the more often you may need to alter your path.  A coach can be invaluable for seeing when these shifts need to take place.

Coaches offer ideas I’ve never considered

A key point to remember is that coaches are experts in their fields.  To put it plainly…they know more than me about the topic they coach!  If we want the most efficient path to goal achievement we often have to do things very differently.  This is where a coach really earns their pay.  They can offer up ideas, concepts, and methods that, though uncomfortable at first, can put you on a faster track to success.  Remember the old adage:  If you do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.    

If you are considering using a coach, I applaud you!  Do keep in mind though that a coach-client relationship is best when personalities match.  My advice is to interview several to determine who will work best for you.


Happy goal achievement!

– Coach Michelle

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