Train Your Bones with Strength Training

Fall is on its way…which makes me think of Halloween…and skeletons…and bone density!!

Bone health is something we all should be thinking about…and don’t wait until you have osteoporosis!

Fact:  Your bone density begins to decline when you’re in your 30’s.

Fact:  Age-related bone loss averages around 0.5 to 1% per year with those rates doubling for women during & around menopause.

Fact:  About 50% of all white women & 20% of all white men will have an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime (African Americans have lower rates of osteoporosis).

Fact:  3/4 of osteoporosis-related fractures occur after age 75 & many occur w/ minimal or no trauma or impact.


So, how do we keep our skeletons in tip-top shape?

The #1 way to offset age-related bone loss is weight-bearing exercise!  Here are a few guidelines.

Best for Bones:  High impact weight-bearing activities like weight training, running, tennis

Good for Bones:  Low impact weight-bearing activities like brisk walking, cardio machines

Least Beneficial for Bones:  Non-impact not weight-bearing activities like swimming, cycling, yoga
If you’d like a time-efficient way to train both your bones & your cardiovascular system, weight training is your answer!  With a well-designed program, you can sufficiently load those bones AND your heart & lungs enough to encourage beneficial changes throughout the whole body.  All it takes is 3 weight sessions per week.  If you need help designing the best program for you, let me know!


Coach Michelle


Facts & Guidelines taken from University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter, Special Summer Issue 2017

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